What follows is a comprehensive list of the recordings I have made as a part of groups I was in, or as a session musician.

When I listen to the CDs I can hear the changes in fashion and imagine the big synths, big shoulder pads and big hairdo's.

Items are listed in green where I have the CD or a digital version.

Items are listed in blue where the recordings have not yet been transferred to digital from cassette or vinyl album.

Items are listed in white where I no longer have access to the recordings.
Unfortunately many of the CDs which I was a session musician on were stolen in a house robbery.

Items are listed in red are songs with audio and video clips available on the internet.


  • Farm 1973 summer tour (snippets)
  • Farm at the Wesley Informal, 18th July 1975 (complete concert)

The Oils Years

Flying with Flying Fox

  • Flying Fox, Bathurst (complete concert, 1981)

The Nightlight Family

I played bass and occasionally sang on some or all tracks of the following albums and concerts in the 1980's.
There were other albums I recorded particularly in the early Nightlight days that are not listed as I can't remember them.
This list is in alphabetical order by artist name.

  • Australia Worships - The Great South Land (CD, 1992) - listen to Days of Latter Rain
  • Stephen Bennett - Hear The Sound (cassette)
  • Peter Beveridge Band, Humpties (cassette from mixing desk - complete concert, 1982)
  • Peter Beveridge Band, Barker College (cassette from mixing desk - complete concert, 1982?)
  • Geoff Bullock - Now Is The Time (CD 1996)
  • Geoff Bullock - The Heavens Shall Declare (CD 1993)
  • Geoff Bullock - The Watershed Project - Unfailing Love (CD 1997)
    - listen to I've Seen Your Face
  • Geoff Bullock - Christmas In Australia (5 track CD 1997)
  • Nigel Compton - Life Goes On (CD) - listen to Take Me Home and Seam Of Gold
  • Nigel Compton - Recollections (CD)
  • Nigel Compton - Paul'esus (cassette - live theatre album) - Watch the whole theatre show here - Paul'esus
  • Dangerzone - Dangerzone (cassette, 1985)
    - listen to a sample from Counterfeit City
  • John Dickson - Maranooka (CD) - listen to the title track Maranooka
  • David Evans - Burn For You (cassette, 1990)
  • Lucy Fisher - Come So Far (CD)
  • Glass Canoe - Glass Canoe (CD, 1990)
    - listen to Kingdom of Nothing
  • Hillsongs - Show Your Glory (cassette, 1990)
  • Hillsongs - Spirit And Truth (cassette, 1988)
  • Hillsongs - The Power Of Your Love (CD - live worship album, 1992) - listen to the title track The Power Of Your Love
  • Living Power - Keep On Praying (CD 1993)
  • Greg Olsen - Take Your Pick (vinyl album)
  • Present History - Present History, later repackaged as Always (CD, 1990 and 1995).
    - listen to Open Your Eyes and No Doubt
    The album also features my song Joseph's Song which on this album is renamed Dreams, on which I played all keyboards
  • The Pulse - No Doubt (audio only)
  • The Pulse - Historic Play (vinyl single)
  • Dominic Reichel - Step Across The Line (vinyl album)
  • David Reidy - Battlecry (cassette, 1986)
  • Merelyn Watson - My Wild Heart (CD, 1991)
  • Changes concert - Christian City Church December 1986 featuring


Recorded in Trinity Uniting Church in 1985

  • Hosanna
  • Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord
  • Too Late
  • Won't You Say
  • Lay Down The Burden Of Your Heart
  • Jesus, You Are The One
  • You Gave Me Love
  • In His Love

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