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Best concerts

I have gone to some pretty good concerts in my time, and have also been underwhelmed on occasion. Here are the three best concerts I have experienced.

  • Yes (1973). Rumour has it that the band also recognise this concert as a high point. Mother Earth (featuring Renee Geyer) were the support act.
  • AC/DC, Finch, Farm (1974). One of our (Farm's) worst performances that year, but AC/DC (with Bon Scott) were magnificent.
  • Leonard Cohen (2012). Yes, I was taken by surprise as to how good this concert was.

I am jealous of my sister in England, who was taken by her husband (also a bass player) to see my favourite lineup of King Crimson in 1973 (including Jamie Muir and Bill Bruford). If I had been there I'm sure it would have made it into my top three. Her comment - "It was very loud".

Also on this page I honour musicians who have influenced and inspired me over the years.

I have a particular admiration for musicians who are capable of writing, recording and producing complete works with little or no outside assistance.

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All-round musicians

Honourable mention: Paul McCartney, Neal Morse, George Young.

Encouragement award: Brett Domino.


Honourable mention: James Jamerson, Mick Karn, Bernard Edwards, John Entwistle, Jeff Berlin, Tony Levin, Jaco Pastorius, Jack Bruce.


Honourable mention: Mike Portnoy.


Honourable mention: Jim Moginie, Keith Richards.


Honourable mention: Fred Schendel, Rick Wakeman.

Female Vocalists

Honourable mention: Aretha Franklin, Connie Mitchell (for her work in Primary), Suze DeMarchi.

Dishonourable mention: Jan Terri. (It's quite catchy - reminds me of some of the budget session work I did in the '80's).

Male Vocalists

Honourable mention: Glenn Hughes, Steve Marriott.

Dishonourable mention: This guy.

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